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Sri Toys


Sri Toys is a Sri Lankan company that designs and creates beautiful handmade traditional wooden toys of the highest quality. It's products are unique, safe and natural.

Sri Toys puzzles are hand made from the best quality plantation grown rubber wood which is grown sustainably in Sri Lanka. Rubber trees only produces rubber sap for around 15 years, after which they are cut down and made into timber and new young trees are planted to replace them. 

The rubber wood used by Sri Toys is produced without the use of fungicides or pesticides, making it an environmentlly sound material. It is especially suitable for toys as it does not splinter. All edges are carefully sanded by hand and all the paints used to finish the toys are non-toxic.  The end product is smooth, glossy and easy to clean.

Sri Toys has won a UN Social Enterprise award for its high level of social as well as environmental responsibility. With a Sri Toy puzzle, you know you are geting an amazing toy that has been produced ethically and is environmentally sound.