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Pedlar Street is an online market introducing beautiful, unique and  ethically sound products. Our name was inspired from the street of the same name that exists in the historic fort town of Galle in southern Sri Lanka. Pedlar Street is where the original street vendors gathered from  around to sell their wares.

In a world of disposable plastic and battery operated products, Pedlar Street aims to support those who are reviving quality craftsmanship in a truly sustainable way. In villages everywhere, unique products are being  individually handmade using traditional techniques instead of mass produced in factories. These small industries provide much needed jobs to local men and women in their communities, providing them with a fair and regular income that  allows them to support their families in a decent way. 

The first range to be offered by Pedlar Street is the famous Sri Lankan textile company Barefoot (see About Brands, Barefoot). We were inspired after our first visit to their amazing store in Colombo. The company is a model of creativity, style and good ethics. From August 2013 we have also added a range of beautiful handmade wooden puzzles produced by Sri Toys (see About Brands, Sri Toys), another Sri Lankan company that promotes safe, sustainable and ethical business practices.

We will look to expand the range of products in the future but at the same time stay true to our principles of beautiful and unique designs, high quality products and good business ethics.

Happy shopping!