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Barefoot is an amazing Sri Lankan lifestyle company, best known for its distinctive hand woven fabrics and the range of beautiful products crafted from them. What's so amazing about Barefoot is that not only do they create the most exquisite products, they also do so in a completely eco-friendly and ethically sound way.

Founded in 1958 by artist, designer and writer Barbara Sansoni, Barefoot was created with the aim of providing steady and gainful employment for underprivileged women in rural areas of Sri Lanka. Barefoot set up rural weaving centres in these areas in order to teach women traditional dyeing, weaving and sewing skills. The company provides them with the training, raw materials and designs to create Barefoot products. They also teach organizational and managerial skills. Not only has Barefoot helped preserve an ancient Sri Lankan skill, but it has also allowed these women to earn a regular and decent wage, enabling them to support their families with dignity and respect.

Barefoot products are completely handmade. The cotton yarn is dyed and woven by hand. The signature fabric designs use vivid colours woven into geometric patterns, inspired by the natural landscapes, marine life, flora and fauna of Sri Lanka. All the materials, including the dyes are safe and eco-friendly and the toys are filled with kapok, a natural fibre from the seeds of the kapok tree. Nothing is mass produced; Barefoot put no time pressures on the weavers or the needlewomen. Each product is made from start to finish by one person. The end product is unique, of the highest quality and made to last a lifetime.

Pedlar Street is very proud to be the distributor of Barefoot products in Hong Kong!